This game is a simplified reimplementation of a shareware title called Zarathustra. Find out more on GitHub.

Players take turns dragging tiles onto the board. The edges of a tile are shields, spears or blank. Tiles may be rotated by clicking on them. When a player runs out of tiles or empty spaces on the board, the game ends and players earn points for each blank edge of their tiles on the board.

When a tile is played, the edges of tiles which touch are compared. If a spear is adjacent to a blank edge, the tile with the blank edge is removed. If a spear is adjacent to a spear, count up the number of shields facing each tile- The tile surrounded by fewer shields is removed, or both are removed on a tie. If a tile is played and survives this process, tiles may not be played on any of the 8 surrounding spaces on the next player's turn. Remember: spears can attack tiles of the same color, and your shields can be used by the enemy as well.